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BDA Biodegradable film series (BOPP, PEPA, CPP, PE)

Solution of Biodegradable lamination package

The environmental value of degradable plastic film

Since plastic products do not decay and decompose within 100 years, if used plastic film or plastic bag products are dumped in the soil, the water resistance of the film will prevent groundwater from changing direction, suffocate trees, destroy vegetation and seriously damage the ecological environment. Degradable film is a degradable material made by adding organic matter to the raw materials in the process of plastic film production. After use, the waste packaging film will decompose and split by itself after a certain period of time, destroying its water-resistance performance and achieving the purpose of environmental protection.

BDA biodegradable film series, recyclable and degradable after use, will not cause environmental pollution, protect the natural environment;

Maintain the physical characteristics of conventional thin films while reducing carbon emissions.

Verification steps of biodegradable thin films degradation:

ASTM-D5511 verifies that in landfills, biodegradation is induced by moisture and microorganisms

ASTM-D6691 verifies biodegradation in seawater.

Advantage: Maintain the same properties as ordinary film, while environmentally friendly products.

Highly stable, does not decompose under heat, light or mechanical stress and does not require special storage conditions.

Biodegradable BOPP films use for lamination packaging:

Biodegradable PE film has been on the market at present commonly used for many years (supermarket shopping bags, etc.),

but if use on the lamination packaging for food and sealing packaging, biodegradable PE and CPP only can be used as a heat sealing layer,

if another base layer (BOPP/PET) can't biodegradable, which are not a truly biodegradable packaging.

The Degradable BDA-BOPP, BDA-CPPand Synthetic solve the need for degradable lamination packaging.

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